fuck yeah placebo.

because everyone needs to come home from work, have a shower, turn on the computer, login to tumblr and find those sexy men on their dashboard; because, be honest, everyone would like to marry one of them and occasionally fuck the others; because we freakin' adore this band, its songs and its way to do everything always right, and we want to spread our love around the world and start a sort of adoration. started as a picspamming tumblelog, this became a place for everything concerning the band, as quotes, songs, videoclips and everything you ever needed. (admins francesca & giada + contributors josh & veronica)

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There’s something rotten in here
Something Rotten - Placebo (Sleeping With Ghosts, 2003) (via fuckyeahplacebo)

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Could you tell me how old is Nick Gavrilovic?
Asked by Anonymous

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe he’s in his early 30s. Think his bday was around April 1982 which would mean he’s 31-32.

I don’t want you to pity me